Bio-Oil launches new online training resource for best practice customer advice

8th September 2014

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Bio-Oil has launched a new online training resource for pharmacists to provide best practice advice for Bio-Oil’s use in scar and stretch mark management. As pharmacists are increasingly a first port of call for people seeking advice on minor ailments, the training module has been created to help pharmacists confidently discuss scarring and stretch marks with their customers, and be able to offer advice on the correct use of Bio-Oil.

The online module, which has been designed to take around 15 minutes to complete, provides 4 phases of training across the key areas and topics pharmacists advise on. At the end of each phase, a multiple-choice question and answer section allows pharmacists to test what they have learnt.

The phases include:

Phase 1: Bio-Oil key uses and ingredients

Phase 2: Best practice for scar management

Phase 3: Best practice for stretch mark management

Phase 4: Bio-Oil Clinical Trials

Kirsty Mawhinney, Bio-Oil’s Training and Congress manager comments: ‘We hope the new e-learning module will provide pharmacists with a valuable resource to equip themselves to provide best practice advice on how and when to use Bio-Oil in the prevention and treatment of stretch marks and scarring.’

She continues: ‘Pharmacists can often be a first port of call for many people seeking advice on matters such as pregnancy, weight management and minor, cuts, scrapes and burns. We hope that in providing a practical knowledge refresher that can be completed online at a time convenient to them, pharmacists will be in a position to give advice about the Bio-Oil that is appropriate to the individual customer’s needs.’

To take the training please visit

Dr Paul Charlson

This article was written by: Dr Paul Charlson

Dr Paul Charlson is an NHS GP and GPSI in Dermatology. Joining aesthetic practice in 2002, he is now the president of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and medical director of Skinqure Clinic. Previously Dr Charlson was a GP trainer and partner, with 20 years experience in a dispensing practice. Paul has lived and worked as a doctor in East Yorkshire for more than 25 years. He regularly appeared on the annual Pulse list of most influential GPs in the country. He is a recognised international speaker and key opinion leader in the aesthetics industry.

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