Bio-Oil launches new primary care training module alongside Dermatology Specialist Nurse

16th June 2016

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This week, we launched a new online training module offering primary care healthcare professionals (HCPs) the opportunity to develop their knowledge and access resources to support patients with scarring.

The training module, ‘Managing Patients with Scarring in Primary Care’, authored by Dermatology Specialist Nurse, Julie Van Onselen, and supported by Bio-Oil, has been developed following research demonstrating the lack of training available to HCPs in the UK relating to wound- and after-care.

Data demonstrates the frequency that HCPs are required to provide support to patients in primary care, with one in five (20%) being asked for advice on a weekly basis.1 This is echoed by patients; a recent survey amongst 1,000 people living with scarring demonstrated that:2

  • 37% would like to receive verbal advice from a HCP, and 23% people would like to receive emotional support.
  • A third (32.3%) would like to receive guidance on expectations of how their scar will change over time.
  • Over a quarter (28.1%) would like their HCP to proactively offer advice on scarring.

Julie Van Onselen, Independent Dermatology Specialist Nurse, Dermatology Education Partnership Ltd, Oxford says, “Scar management should be addressed by primary health care professionals dealing with minor injuries and incorporated into pre-operative wound care; and when patients express concern about scars generally. By including scar management into patient care, the physical appearance and psychological effects can be reduced. This training module is a valuable resource which explores all aspects of scar management.”

The new module, which is available free via the Bio-Oil Professional website, addresses four key areas of care:

  • The physiology of scars; including different scar types and the healing and maturation process.
  • The psychological and social impact of scars.
  • Current evidence-based treatments, self-care options and emerging therapies to reduce scarring.
  • Practical guidance and resources for discussing scarring with patients.


Following completion of the module, HCPs will receive an e-certificate, as well as information for completing the revalidation process to recognise their learnings against their registration. The new revalidation process was introduced last month following a recommendation in the 2013 Francis Report, and has, so far, been hailed as a great success.3

Please click here to access the eLearning module.


1. Independent Nurse survey amongst 982 UK nurses commissioned by Bio-Oil (April 2015)

2. Survey conducted by Opinion Health on behalf of Bio-Oil in February 2016, n=1000 adult respondents in the UK with scars.

3. The National Archives. The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry. Available at: Last accessed May 2016.

This article was written by: Bio-Oil

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