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8th May 2012

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  • 3rd May Bio-Oil attended Nursing in Practice Newcastle
  • Bio-Oil attended the RCN Annual conference on the 14- 16th May. Bio-Oil delivered an educational seminar Scar Management.
  • Bio-Oil attended Primary Care 2012, we interacted with a diverse range of Health Care Professional�s.
  • On the 30th of May we educated Nurses at Nursing in Practice Manchester where we delivered symposia on scars and their psychological impact.

Midwives recognise the need to support women’s body worries

Bio-Oil has recently carried out a survey of 177 midwives which has found that over a quarter (28%) frequently see women with low body confidence as a result of their stretch marks and one in seven have experienced cases where stretch marks have directly affected a mum’s recovery from birth or bond with her baby.

The majority think that the celebrity yummy mummy culture is a key cause, whereas 37% feel that body confidence issues stem from women being unprepared or unaware of the body changes that can occur and 15% feel that the partners play a role.

The Bio-Oil Body Confidence Report, a survey of 7,000 women in the UK, reveals that 42% of women feel less body confident since having a baby and 15% feel under pressure to get their post-baby body back in shape. This issue appears well recognised by midwives as when asked to rate on a scale of 1 (not at all worried) to 10 (extremely worried) how worried pregnant women are about developing stretch marks, midwives ranked the worry as a concerned 6.8.

40% of midwives recommend women use a topical oil to prevent or reduce stretch marks and almost a third of midwives (32%) have used Bio-Oil themselves to help prevent or treat stretch marks. More than half of midwives (56%) don’t actively talk to expectant mothers about stretch marks and only discuss them when asked.

Dr Paul Charlson

This article was written by: Dr Paul Charlson

Dr Paul Charlson is an NHS GP and GPSI in Dermatology. Joining aesthetic practice in 2002, he is now the president of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and medical director of Skinqure Clinic. Previously Dr Charlson was a GP trainer and partner, with 20 years experience in a dispensing practice. Paul has lived and worked as a doctor in East Yorkshire for more than 25 years. He regularly appeared on the annual Pulse list of most influential GPs in the country. He is a recognised international speaker and key opinion leader in the aesthetics industry.

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