A broad skincare category is imperative in supporting patients in pharmacy – watch our latest Webinar

27th January 2017

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Our latest webinar was hosted by pharmacy training expert Stephen Riley and provides insight into the skincare category within the pharmacy setting, with focus on winter skin, scarring and stretch marks. His advice covers what customers are looking for, options for pharmacists who wish to build their knowledge and how they can optimise their skincare on shelf.

“A comprehensive skincare category is imperative in supporting patients and the way they perceive products, as well as to drive sales and profits within pharmacy”, says pharmacy training expert Stephen Riley in Bio-Oil’s latest webinar, A Guide to Maximising Skincare Advice in Pharmacy.

The talk goes on to provide pharmacists with a base-level overview of scars and stretch marks, recommending free tools and resources to further deepen their knowledge, such as with Bio-Oil’s Managing Scarring in Primary Care Module. The webinar finishes with a look at how pharmacists can optimise their skincare category within pharmacy in preparation for the autumn and winter seasons, which sees skin conditions worsen due to weather amongst other exacerbation triggers.



This article was written by: Bio-Oil

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