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8th November 2013

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Bio-Oil has launched a Big Thank You campaign to encourage consumers and Healthcare Professionals to reach out to someone important to them who has shown them support or inspired them.

Nominate a colleague that you think went beyond their duty and made a real impact on someone’s life and they could be selected to receive a surprise gift delivered to their door with the message of thanks attached. Visit our Facebook page to find out more.

Here we highlight one HCP that has been thanked during the campaign:

“Thank you to Ann, the Nurse that gave me two emergency appointments with the GP
when I was ill last week with a congested lung on Monday and Friday, and when I fell
by the bus stop on Thursday. After having an appointment at the cardiology unit I had
to see the GP as I had a fractured rib and Scaphoid and had to have a tetanus and flu
jab. Thank you Ann (Nurse, who administered these)”

Who would you say a Big Thank You to?

Dr Paul Charlson

This article was written by: Dr Paul Charlson

Dr Paul Charlson is an NHS GP and GPSI in Dermatology. Joining aesthetic practice in 2002, he is now the president of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and medical director of Skinqure Clinic. Previously Dr Charlson was a GP trainer and partner, with 20 years experience in a dispensing practice. Paul has lived and worked as a doctor in East Yorkshire for more than 25 years. He regularly appeared on the annual Pulse list of most influential GPs in the country. He is a recognised international speaker and key opinion leader in the aesthetics industry.

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