UK nurses call for greater focus on scar management

8th May 2015

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Our research amongst UK nurses demonstrates the need for greater education and resources on the management of patients with scarring following surgery or trauma*.

To find out more about the experiences of nursing when managing patients with scarring, we conducted a survey amongst almost 1000 nurses, which has been published in The Independent Nurse. Here are some of the key findings from the report: 

  • 98% agree that they are best placed to provide support to patients about scar management.
  • Just 1% felt that they have the knowledge, time and resources to offer this advice.
  • One in five nurses are being asked for scar management advice on a weekly basis.
  • 60% said they would like to improve their knowledge on optimal care for patients with scarring.
  • Barriers for nurses when providing advice to patients with scarring include: lack of printed information to give to patients (60%), lack of knowledge on scarring (59%), lack of training (59%) and lack of tools to support advice giving (45%).

To aid nurses in the management of patients with scarring, Bio-Oil has worked with a number of HCPs to launch quick reference guides to scar management.

The SCAR guide provides a succinct resource to work through with patients, focussing on the key considerations that should be addressed during the consultation.

Click here to download the SCAR guide.

There is also a handy CARE guide which can be given to patients as part of the aftercare advice to help them continue to manage their scar at home.

Click here to download the CARE guide.

*Independent Nurse survey amongst 982 UK nurses commissioned by Bio-Oil (April 2015)

This article was written by: Bio-Oil

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